News & Events

See Google Calendar below for details of where to find me next - I'm much better at updating that than I am this page so thought it best to combine the two!
In the meantime, see other tabs above for You Tube and Soundcloud links and a free download of the Keeping On EP. 
See you soon x

Here's are my regular Open Mic haunts...

  • Open Mics at PJ McGinty's in Ipswich
  • The Grinning Rat Open Mics in Ipswich
  • The Anchor Open Mic in Woodbridge 
  • Ipswich Jam Nights - Various venues around Ipswich

... these are the ones you can most often find me at - but no guarantees! I always try to post on Facebook if I'm going to these, or to any others - but get in touch if you want to be sure.