Links to other good stuff

Below are links to things I mention elsewhere in the site, including my storytelling websites, plus any other music sites that I think are fab

This is the website for all my storytelling work, and you can click through from it to my site which is just for my under 5s storywork
This is the website for the legend that is Mickey Flynn, he has run the Thursday Thrash Rock/Chic Dude competition at various pubs over the years and given me and lots of other musicians some great opportunities to play and record that we would't otherwise have had - go check him out.
This is my guitar teacher Mark Stuart, who is frighteningly talented both as a teacher and a musician, and also do check out his shop, which has pretty much everything you need and which the guitar you see me playing in all those videos came from.
Check out the hardest working singer songwriter in Suffolk! Kev is just great and sometimes even lets me sing with him. I guarantee you once you've listened to some of his stuff, you'll be singing it all day.
I'll be adding more as I think of them - all suggestions gladly received!


For links to Open Mic nights, check out the News & Events page